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2023 Wetex Dubai Solar Show : Day 1 Highlights

Green Keeper

Nov 15, 2023

Exciting News from Our Sales Director at 2023 Wetex Dubai Solar Show Day 1

The Wetex Dubai Solar Show 2023 kicked off with a surge of enthusiasm and pivotal moments for our jump starter team. Our Sales Director - Liviu is thrilled to share some remarkable highlights from our day of connections, conversations, and exciting prospects.

1. Expanding Footprints: Iran and Europe Connection

Today, we had the pleasure of engaging with a customer from Iran, who not only expressed keen interest in our jump starters but also revealed their European presence. His connection opens up exciting possibilities for our products to make an impact in both the Iranian and European markets.

2. Saudi Arabian CEO wtih focus on Turkish and Saudi Markets

A highlight of the day was a significant meeting with the CEO of a large company from Saudi Arabia. This visionary leader expressed immense interest in our jump starters and revealed plans to introduce our products to the Turkish and Saudi Arabian markets. As we explored potential avenues for collaboration, the prospect of our jump starters reaching new territories became even more promising.

3. Saudi Success: Productive Conversation Wrap-Up

Wrapping up the day on a high note, a productive meeting took place with a valued customer from Saudi Arabia. The enthusiasm and interest displayed during this session solidify our belief in the universal appeal and applicability of our jump starters.

As we dive into the rest of the Wetex Dubai Solar Show, we are excited about the prospects that Day Two holds. Our commitment to innovation in jump starter manufacturing aligns seamlessly with the show's focus on front-end car jump starter solutions. Stay tuned for more updates on how our products are reshaping the industry.

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