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Exploring the Green Keeper Laboratory: Ensuring the Reliability of Our Jump Starters

Green Keeper

Mar 18, 2022

Inside the Green Keeper Laboratory: Where Jump Starter Reliability Begins

Engineers in this zone scrutinize materials, dimensions, assembly clearances, structural strength, surface finishes, key component protection, mechanical strength, and interference issues with both instruments and their extensive experience.

1. Battery Capacity Testing Area

Our engineers use high-precision instruments to subject batteries to frequent charge and discharge cycles, evaluating specifications and characteristics. Testing includes rigorous assessment of voltage differentials, current, physical deformities, and capacity to ensure safety and performance.

2. Standard Functionality Testing Zone

Experienced technicians conduct orderly charging and discharging operations on PCBA boards or standalone units to verify standard functions such as charging ports, discharge ports, illumination, display screens, buttons, and automotive ignition.

3. Activation Monitoring Zone

Professionals employ high-definition cameras to monitor critical data points on products or PCBA boards as they continuously operate under different charging currents or discharge protocols. This comprehensive analysis assesses stability concerning product experience and compatibility.

4. Performance Testing Area

Dedicated engineers employ advanced instruments to validate various aspects of PCBA boards, including ripple, overcurrent, short circuit, static power consumption, key component temperature rise, and input/output port efficiency. These tests ensure that our products meet international standards for safety, reliability, and consistency.

5. Startup Performance Testing Zone

Experienced engineers utilize high-precision instruments and custom tools to measure critical parameter changes during product startup. This evaluation helps us assess the safety and key performance indicators under different conditions, ensuring our products meet market demands.

6. Environmental Reliability Testing Zone

To meet the demanding safety and reliability requirements of our products, we subject them to various environmental conditions, storage, use, and accidental drop tests. Any defects that may arise during consumer product usage are identified and addressed using scientific methods.

At Green Keeper, we believe in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring the quality and reliability of our jump starters. Our laboratory is the heart of this commitment, where innovation and precision come together to create products that customers can rely on in their time of need.

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