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Green Keeper Laboratory: Ensuring Excellent Quality, Achieving Reliable Products.

Green Keeper

Nov 3, 2023

Green Keeper has been committed to providing high-quality car jump starters for customers, and our testing laboratory is a strong support for this commitment. As the backbone of the company's product design and development, our laboratory plays a crucial role in product reliability verification, providing solid quality assurance for the design and development of each product.

1. Technical Excellence, Full Process Control

The laboratory is equipped with advanced instruments and complete measuring devices, constantly leading the industry. In the product testing process, we rigorously handle each stage, from PCB sample placement to structural trial assembly, battery capacity testing, and routine functional testing. Every step undergoes careful verification and validation by technical personnel to ensure the completeness and feasibility of the design output data.

Green Keeper Car Jump Starter Laboratory

2. Focused Area Division, Scientific Solutions

The laboratory's focused area division is clear, including PCB sample placement area, structural trial assembly area, battery capacity testing area, routine functional testing area, activation monitoring area, performance testing area, start performance testing area, and environmental reliability testing area. Each area has professional engineers and technical personnel who, using the most scientific and comprehensive methods, diligently and effectively validate the characteristics and performance of the product to ensure it meets the highest standards.

Green Keeper Portable Jump Starter Laboratory

3. High-Precision Instruments, Reliability Assurance

We use high-precision instruments to conduct various tests on the product, such as high-frequency charge and discharge verification of battery specifications and characteristics, PCBA board ripple, overcurrent, short circuit, and other performance tests. These tests not only ensure the safety and reliability of the product but also guarantee its consistency at international standards.

Green Keeper jump starter Laboratory

4. Real-time Monitoring, Comprehensive Analysis

The activation monitoring area is equipped with high-definition cameras, and professionals monitor the stability of the product in different working conditions in real-time. This comprehensive analysis method ensures that the product's stability under conditions such as charging and discharging meets design requirements, providing reliable assurance for the product's experiential and compatibility aspects.

Green Keeper battery jump starter Laboratory

5. Environmental Reliability Testing, Identifying and Resolving Defects

To ensure the safety and reliability of the product, we conduct rigorous environmental reliability testing, subjecting the product to storage, usage, and accidental drops under different environmental conditions. Through scientific methods, we promptly identify and resolve any defects that may arise during consumer use, ensuring that the Green Keeper car jump starter consistently maintains excellent quality.

Green Keeper, through advanced laboratory technology and strict testing processes, provides you with a reliable car jump starter, ensuring you travel safely on the roads!

Green Keeper car battery jump starter Laboratory

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