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The customer from France purchased samples of our jump starter Day 3

Green Keeper

Oct 17, 2023

Green Keeper's Success at 134th Canton Fair - Day 3 Highlights

The 134th Canton Fair, which took place on October 17, witnessed another successful day for Green Keeper, a renowned name in the world of jump starter products. Our brand, Green Keeper, showcased its best portable car battery jump starter and high discharge jump starter power bank, attracting attention from visitors all over the world.

Throughout the event, our team had the privilege of welcoming distinguished guests from various countries, including the United States, Germany, Croatia, Norway, and more. It was on this day that a customer from France made an impressive decision to purchase our high-quality jump starter sample.

Green Keeper's commitment to innovation and excellence was on full display during the Canton Fair, with our best portable car battery jump starter being a standout product. Visitors from around the world flocked to our booth, recognizing the reliability and performance of our jump starter.

Our high discharge jump starter power bank also garnered much attention, as it represents a cutting-edge solution for car owners in need of a dependable power source. Visitors, particularly from the American and German markets, expressed their admiration for this advanced product.

As the fourth day of the Canton Fair drew to a close, Green Keeper continued to receive positive feedback and admiration from potential clients worldwide. We are proud to have made a lasting impression at this prestigious event, and we look forward to further expanding our presence in the global market.

With Green Keeper's best portable car battery jump starter and high discharge jump starter power bank leading the way, we are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions to car enthusiasts everywhere. Our success at the 134th Canton Fair serves as a testament to our dedication and passion for excellence in the industry.

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